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In the world of cinema, where storytelling takes centre stage, some films stand out as true masterpieces. “The Vaccine War” is undoubtedly one of them—a cinematic triumph that not only

Music holds a special place in Indian culture, permeating all layers of society. It’s a vibrant and integral art form, and Indian music stands as one of the living musical

For a very long time, such sarcasm has offended Hindus’ religious sentiments. The Hindus were silent for a long time. Now Hindus have regained their dignity and social consciousness. Hinduism

Recently, the G20 summit was held in New Delhi under the presidency of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  Many powerful and neighboring countries in India participated in this summit. For

In the heart of India’s history, nestled amidst tales of resistance and struggle, lies the lesser-known yet impactful chapter of Birsa Munda’s Ulgulan. This tribal uprising, which took place between

Amidst the pages of Indian history, marked by tales of resistance and struggles for justice, the Bishnupur Revolution of 1831–1832 emerges as a lesser-known yet significant chapter. This grassroots uprising,

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