Recently, the G20 summit was held in New Delhi under the presidency of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  Many powerful and neighboring countries in India participated in this summit. For the first time, the prime minister of a neighboring Indian country, Bangladesh, has been invited to this summit.

While everyone was looking at this grand summit and subject of agreement, the leaders of the opposition party, the Indian National Congress, attracted the attention of the people to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name plate, where  ‘Bharat’ was written instead of India. With this, the waters started to be muddled, and the media and social media began to be in the midst of controversy.

Some people argue that “This is the totally correct and exact platform where the world should introduce Bharat, which is known as India.” Some people are arguing, “It is definitely the BJP’s Hindu Nationalism agenda against the I.N.D.I.A. (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance).

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