Introducing the FastComet Referral Program: Refer 5+ Friends and Get Free Hosting Forever!

Are you tired of your friends struggling with their current hosting providers? Now, you have the opportunity to help them and earn exciting benefits for yourself through the FastComet Referral Program. By referring your friends to FastComet, they can enjoy an exceptional hosting experience while you unlock free hosting for life!

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1. Refer Your Friends:

Spread the word about FastComet to your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who are seeking a reliable and top-notch hosting provider. Let them know about the benefits they can enjoy, including free website migration, up to 6 months compensation for unused time with their current host, and fixed renewal rates.

2. Your Friends Join FastComet:

When your friends sign up for hosting services at FastComet using your unique referral link or code, they become eligible for the exclusive benefits offered through the referral program. They can migrate their websites hassle-free, receive compensation for any remaining time with their current host, and enjoy the stability and excellence of FastComet’s hosting solutions.

3. Earn Free Hosting Forever:

Once you successfully refer 5 or more friends who sign up and stay with FastComet, you qualify for free hosting forever. Yes, you read that right! Enjoy the benefits of FastComet’s exceptional hosting services without any charges for as long as you maintain the minimum number of referrals.

Benefits of the FastComet Referral Program:

1. Help Your Friends: Provide your friends with an opportunity to upgrade their hosting experience and say goodbye to their hosting frustrations. FastComet’s reliable services and exclusive benefits will surely impress them.

2. Free Website Migration: Your referred friends can seamlessly migrate their websites to FastComet without any hassle or additional charges. Our experts will take care of the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition.

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3. Compensation for Unused Time: To sweeten the deal, your friends will receive compensation for any unused time with their current hosting provider. They won’t miss out on any paid days while transitioning to FastComet.

4. Fixed Renewal Rates: Unlike other hosting providers, FastComet offers fixed renewal rates, ensuring that your friends won’t face sudden price hikes when renewing their hosting plans.

5. Free Hosting Forever: By successfully referring 5 or more friends to FastComet, you earn free hosting for life. Say goodbye to hosting expenses and enjoy top-notch hosting services without any charges.

It’s time to help your friends and reap the rewards! Start referring them to FastComet today and unlock the benefits of the FastComet Referral Program. Remember, it pays to have friends—literally!

Note: Please refer to the FastComet website or contact our customer support for detailed terms and conditions of the Referral Program.

Never pay for hosting again

Refer 5+ Friends & Get Free Hosting Forever


Shared Hosting

Free Shared Hosting

3 months / referral

4 months / referral

Free Forever

Cloud VPS Hosting

Free VPS Hosting

1 month / referral

1 month / referral

2 months / referral

Dedicated Hosting

Free Dedicated Hosting

1 month / 3 referrals

2 months / 5 referrals

Join the FastComet Affiliate Program and Earn up to $125 in Commissions!

Are you looking to monetize your website, social channels, or mailing list? Look no further! The FastComet Affiliate Program offers you the opportunity to earn generous commissions by referring new customers to FastComet, one of the leading hosting providers in the industry.

Getting Started:

1. Sign Up for Free: Joining the FastComet Affiliate Program is completely free and open to anyone. You don’t need to be an existing FastComet client to participate. Simply sign up through the Affiliate Panel on our website.

2. Get Your Affiliate Links and Banners: Once you’ve signed up, you’ll gain access to your Affiliate Panel, where you can find your unique affiliate links and banners. These tools will help you promote FastComet on your website, social channels, or through your mailing list. 

3. Start Promoting: Place the affiliate links or banners on your website, share them on your social channels, or include them in your email communications. Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase on our website, you become eligible for a commission.

Commission Structure:

1. Up to $125 in Commissions: When your referral clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you can earn up to $125 in commissions. The exact commission amount will depend on the hosting plan your referral chooses. 

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Payouts and Payment Options:

1. Payout Request: Once you have an approved commission, you can request a payout. Commissions are approved 45 days after they have been generated, provided they adhere to our Affiliate Terms of Service.

2. Payment via PayPal: We process all payouts via PayPal, ensuring a secure and convenient payment experience for you. Once your funds are sent, they will be available in your PayPal account right away.

Important Notes:

1. Commissions for New Customers Only: Commissions are paid only for referring new customers to FastComet. Self-referrals are not eligible for commissions.

2. Clients’ Payment Options: Please make sure that any clients you refer to FastComet purchase the items using their own payment options. It is essential to follow this practice instead of buying items on their behalf.

Join the FastComet Affiliate Program today and start earning generous commissions by referring new customers to FastComet. Take advantage of this opportunity to monetize your platforms while promoting a reliable and reputable hosting provider.

Here is Refferal Link /cart/button/#affbff/

Note:    For detailed terms and conditions of the FastComet Affiliate Program, please refer to our website or contact our affiliate support team through the Affiliate Panel.

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